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Monica Smith
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Dadduma pay

John and johnnyric


Madi kano ti agdoble nga agkomentario, Isu datoy man ti sungbat ko.

Johnnyric, long time no talk. Komusta dita batog yo a lubong? Ditoy ayan mi ket kakaasi kami, adu awan trabaho na. Nasam-it chico da diay Jamaica. Nalipatak gayam nga inbaga nga adda pay nude beach da diay Grand Bahia ken adda pay ginittaan nga pakak adda sagpaw na nga ikan ken shrimp.

John, a few years ago there was a lay off due the low oil price. Thousands of people lost their jobs and unfortunately, I was one of the casualties. The only saving grace was that I was given a severance package, one month's pay for every year of service, plus a bonus. I opted to deposit the maximum allowed amount into my RRSP (registered retirement savings plan).

Being that I am currently unemployed, I am allowed to dip into my company pension even before age 65. Once I do turn 65, my Canada pension plan kicks in. Between 50 and 65 means my lifestyle will be somewhat more frugal - scaled down overseas vacations; less eating out; and lots of window shopping. Yes, I repeat: no shopping! This very thought makes me tremble. Now if you will excuse me, I need to take a moment to get over my shopping-withdrawal syndrome. :)

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Monica Smith8/9/2017 8:13:19 PMHi John, it has little to do with luck. It had to do with hard work and getting an education that translate to a better paying job. It did help that I landed a job with a large company that paid decent wages and gave bonuses. They even gave a handsome package for me to go away! ;) Too bad it was 8 years premature, though - my plan to retire at 55.

I would be dishonest if I said I don't miss shopping. As a woman, I love the nice things in life: shoes, clothes, jewelry and purses. Nowadays, I find myself asking "do I NEED it?" When I was still employed I'd buy it just because I wanted it.

Well, that's enough self-pitying. I need to go prepare for my road trip to Idaho. I'm going to drive 12 hours to spend 2 minutes gawking at a total solar eclipse. Go figure!

Thank so much gayam no magustuam dagitay putar ko ngem saanak a mannurat. Ipadaspadas ko laeng met idi. Kailiw ko dagitay agkakalaing a mannurat ditoy ngem nagpukaw dan.

Hi Johnnyric, mayat koman no mabisitak manen ti Maui ngem awan ngarud kuartak, pobpobreakon. Karigat ditoy Calgary ita adu ti oil & gas nga naglayoff ti empleado da, diay kompania mi ket 3,000 ti naikkat. Not just the oil & gas industry, but also many other industries that one may not think would be impacted. For example, couriers, food establishments, and even nannies (whose boss was laid off). Datay pay peborit ko nga shoe store ket nagclosed.

I miss the old days ditoy Awanen ti matatao ditoy, pimmanaw da aminen.

FYI: madi kano ti agdoble nga agkomentar. Andy should be able to enhance this.
John Viloria Cachola Jr.8/8/2017 12:13:21 PMSorry, Monica, ta saanak a nakakomentar sigida iti daytoy impostmo. Don't you know that you're one of the luckiest people in this world? When you go to bed at night, you don't need to set the alarm to go to work the next morning?

Less shopping? Less dining out? So what? Important thing is enjoy whatever you're doing right now how insignificant it may be. You alone is the only person that can make you happy- if you know what I mean.
Johnnyric Domingo8/5/2017 12:39:19 AMPumasiarka ngamin ditoy, Miss, ta uray tungtong agmalmalem. Kaasin Apo, natalinaay laeng met, saan pay simmangpet dagitay hurricane (bareng awan mayaw-awan a sumagud kadagiti isla ti Hawaii. Uray ditoy ket karigatna met maigapu iti nagsasaruno a panagserra dagiti dadakkel a kompania. HU! madi no nasam-it unay dagiti taraon ta maka-diabetes. Dagitay bungat' chiko-k ket saan a makadayabitis, amman, ta naramam met ngem dika met pay nagdayabitis. OOPS! dagitan dagitay liklik-likak! makadul-oak ngamin a makasirpat iti labus a babai, HAHAHA! Naimas ti pakak a maabraw no marunggay ti laukna.0