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2/1/2005 7:26:00 PM

adda manen pinaltoogan da nga politiko!

ni vice mayor chua!

sinno ngata ti utik ti nagpapatay?????

LAOAG CITY, Ilocos Norte, Philippines -- Laoag Vice Mayor Jimmy Chua was gunned down at 3:30 am Wednesday outside a bar here.

Police said Chua was waiting outside the Eagle's Nest bar when two motorcycle-riding men approached him and shot him at his right temple.

Chua was with Laoag councilor Melvin de la Cuesta inside the bar. The two, along with other Laoag officials, proceeded to the bar after watching a free concert at the city plaza Tuesday night as part of the opening day of Laoag's fiesta.

Chua had been receiving death threats through mobile phone text messages, according to colleagues. He died on the spot.


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3/1/2005 2:58:00 PM
Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Send in the commandos,
Ilocos Norte dads ask PNP

By Leilanie G. Adriano, Northern Luzon Bureau

LAOAG CITY: The Ilocos Norte provincial council is set to ask the Philippine National Police chief, Director General Edgar Aglipay, to send 50 police commandos from the Ilocos regional police office to keep the peace in the violence-stricken province.

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan discussed on Monday a resolution, sponsored by a committee of the whole, asking Aglipay to direct the Ilocos regional police director, Supt. Claudio Cabreros, to send at least 50 members of the PNP Special Action Force to augment the Ilocos Norte police.

The provincial council also drafted a separate resolution asking Aglipay to investigate policemen in Ilocos Norte, including Supt. Joel Pagdilao, the recently relieved director of the Laoag City police, who were involved in the investigation of the February 2 killing of Vice Mayor Jimmy Chua.

At their discussions on Monday, provincial councilors said that the Laoag City policemen would be investigated for the alleged cover-up of the Chua killing and the severe lapses in the police investigation of the case.

These lapses include the police’s failure to identify Chua when he was taken to the hospital after he was shot in the head at the Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant before dawn on February 2.

The police also failed to immediately notify the family of Chua and they supposedly allowed the crime scene to be washed before the arrival of crime scene investigators.

The council also asked an investigation of the policemen who are detailed as bodyguards of Mayor Michael Fariñas, who was tagged by Councilor Melvin Dela Cuesta as the one who shot Chua in the head.

The councilors also asked Aglipay and Cabreros not to assign policemen from the Regional Mobile Group to the augmentation force because Pagdilao supposedly headed the RMG for three years before he was named Laoag City police chief.

The two resolutions were apparently triggered by the privileged speech of Councilor Vicentito Lazo delivered at the council’s session on Monday. Lazo is the president of the Provincial Councilors’ League in the province.

Lazo said he was informed by a physician at the Gov. Roque B. Ablan Memorial Hospital that Chua was admitted to the hospital because of fatal gunshot wounds.

He said he interviewed doctors and attendants at the hospital and he learned that the two policemen who took Chua to the hospital could not even identify the vice mayor to the hospital personnel.

Lazo said the victim’s identity was only established after doctors inspected his identification card. It was Lazo who informed the victim’s family about the incident.

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3/2/2005 7:20:00 PM
Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bongbong backs council’s
appeal for reinforcements

LAOAG CITY: Gov. Ferdi­nand R. Marcos Jr. has backed the provincial council’s appeal for the Philippine National Police to reinforce the provincial police force with 50 police commandos to restore peace in the violence-stricken province.

“We had two mayors killed last year and now we have the vice mayor. Kung taga-labas ka, natural na sabihing ang mga Ilocano ay nagpapatayan na at isipin walang kontrol [If you’re an outsider, its only natural to say that the Ilocanos are killing each other and things are out of control],” Marcos said during his regular news briefing at the capitol on Wednesday.

The governor was referring to the October 30 killing of Mayor Eleuterio Mabanag of Vintar and the assassination of Rogelio Pambid of Marcos town on November 16 as well as the February 2 murder of Vice Mayor Jimmy Chua of Laoag City.

He admitted that the killings have had a negative effect on the image of the province and said “our tourists [will] think that if the mayors were being killed in Ilocos, how much more ordinary citizens?”

But Marcos said that he is in constant communication with unidentified authorities to put on end to the killings in the province and he backed the provincial board’s request for at least 50 commandos to reinforce local police force.

But he regretted the relief of Supt. Joel D. Pagdilao, who was sacked as Laoag City police director after Councilor Melvin dela Cuesta testified that Pagdilao was among those who saw Mayor Michael Fariñas shoot Chua in the head at the Eagle’s Nest bar and restaurant before dawn of February 2.

“Our job is to find out the truth,” Marcos said. “It doesn’t matter who is involved. We are just concerned why and how it happened.”

At the same time, Marcos said he is considering suspending Fariñas if the mayor refuses to take a leave of absence after a verified complaint is lodged against him for the murder of the vice mayor.

Marcos said that Rule 19 of the Local Government Code allows the governor to preventively suspend a local government official after a verified complaint is filed against the local official in court.

“I’ll follow the law whatever happens,” Marcos said.

From the Manila Times
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3/2/2005 7:41:00 PM
This is Bong Bong's defining moment. This one will take skill, guts and good fortune (luck and money?) to resolve. A satisfactory resolution will catapult him to new heights in Philippine politics. He may redeem the Marcos name yet.
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how how da carabao
3/2/2005 8:26:00 PM
kasano koma? awan ngata pakaynaigan na kadagita nga krimen?
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barangay 1
3/2/2005 9:11:00 PM
awan siguro met,kapanunutak lang,uray kaskasano dakkel ti talekko kinni jr bongbong marcos,kitaen tayo a no kasano na met nga diskartien dagitoy nga situasion iti probinsiana.nasirib ti kunak.
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3/2/2005 10:22:00 PM
agsuro koma met nga agilocano ni BBM ta nakababain kitanyo ket nagtagalog manen dita news!
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3/3/2005 10:25:00 AM
apay nga binutosanyo ni bongbong nga agturay iti probinsya ti ilokandia ket dina pay ammo ti agsao iti ilocano? agsipud laengen ta marcos ket adut kuartana? imbag a no ammo ni imee ti agsao iti pagsasao tayo?
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3/3/2005 10:40:00 AM
nalundasan, ana koma't probleman no dida ammo't agsao ti ilocano? basta maipatungpalda ken napintas ti panangipatarayda ti gobierno diay yantayo isu dayta ti importante. dayta ti pagdaksanna kadatayo nga ilocano ta adda latta dagitay di makaadayo ti panunotna kas kenka a nalundasan.
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3/3/2005 10:42:00 AM
ammo na met gayam ni Imee ti agsao ti Ilocano no agpaimas isu na. yinagyagak isu na ket, "nagimas...sige kin-udanak pay" isu ti sangkapukkaw na diay kama.
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dares laeda
3/3/2005 6:27:00 PM
sapay nalundasan, nalipatam di panang patayda ken ni lilom nga agsipsipilyon? uray siak ket nalipatan sa dagitay annakkon ti pinang paltog kanyak ni polon idi immuna nga naggobernador tay ibagbagada nga bongbongen.
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barangay 1
3/3/2005 7:02:00 PM
maawatanna na met bassit ti kunak,saanna la a maisao,ken no tagalog met net ngamin ni nanangda,uray no puro nga ilukano daydi apo makoy,ngem uray a kabaelanna met ti agpangulo.
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3/3/2005 7:24:00 PM
manon nga tawen na nga residente dita ilocos dida pay lang met nasursuro ti agilokano? awan ketdi met a ti panangipateg da iti lenguahe daydia amada ken iti iturturayan da nga lugar! suruen da koman a ti agsao ti ilokano metten!
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sabali mettem
3/3/2005 7:38:00 PM
ngem apay a ni metten bongbong ti usapan tayon?

ania kadin ti latest ti kaso ni chua?
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nalundasan jr.
3/3/2005 11:07:00 PM
kasano nga napintas ti pannakaituray ti ilocos norte ket maibus met aminen nga mayores. ti kinatalna ti ili, isu ti maysa nga mangipakita ti kinasayaat ti pangulo. adda leadership na. iparis yo idiay ilocos sur, awan ti matay didiay nga opisyal malaksid no order ni chavit. isu nga ti pannakatay ni chua, adda pannakainaig ni bongbong.
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3/4/2005 12:34:00 AM
ag reflect nga talaga iti governance ti capitolio dayta nga klase metten ti ilocos norte nga patayen dan dagiti mators ken vice mayors. bagsak no kua iti peace and order. kasta met dagita pnp dita bagsak met a no adda koma evaluation. agasem duan a mayor ti natay ken maysa nga bisemayor. baka adu pay sumaruno!?
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3/4/2005 4:01:00 AM
dita laeng ayanyo ya ti adda matmatay a mayor kada opisyales. uray ditoy ayanmi pati pay barangay chairmen.
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3/4/2005 9:40:00 AM
nalundasan jr., kasano koma nga adda pannakainaig ni bongbong iti pannakatay ti bise-mayor ti Laoag ket ti atapenda a pimmaltog ket ni Michael Farinas? agkontra ti Farinas ken ti Marcos isu a ti pabpabasolen ni Farinas ket "powerful clan" kano ti nangsugsog ken ni Melvin nga agkanta! siasino koma ti powerful clan a sabali no dagiti Marcos malaksid dagiti Farinas?
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barangay 1
3/4/2005 11:13:00 AM
husto ni ditektib,adda latta dagiti saan nga ipagarup nga mapasamak uray kadagiti luglugar nga napintas ken naannayas ti panakaipatarayna.
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barangay 1
3/4/2005 11:45:00 AM
Daytoy man ti adda dita

LC councilor-witness tags MVF as Chua killer
LC councilor Melvin dela Cuesta was formally presented to members of the national media at 11 am today by NBI director Reynaldo Wycoco. In a prepared statement, dela Cuesta reiterated his previous statement aired last Friday, Feb. 25, pointing to LC mayor Michael V. Fariñas as the shooter in the presence of former LC PNP chief Col. Joel Pagdilao. Furthermore he added that upon shooting the vice-mayor, Fariñas has addressed Pagdilao, "Chief, hindi ko sinasadya. Hindi ako kriminal. Gawin mo ang nararapat. (Chief I did not do it intentionally. I'm not a criminal. Do what is right.)" Afterwards, both Fariñas and Pagdilao suggested that dela Cuesta give a different version of the actual events.

Also present at the presentation of dela Cuesta, were PNP regional director Gen. Cabreros, INPPO PD Col. Juan G. Luna, dela Cuesta's spouse, and Atty. Salvador Panelo as dela Cuesta's legal counsel.

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nalundasan, jr.
3/4/2005 12:29:00 PM
sori detikteb. saanko nga naipaawat ti kayatko nga saritaen. ti kayatko nga sawen, 'command responsibility'. kas pangulo ti probinsia, ag-reflect kenkuana ti peace and order situation. saanko nga ibaga nga ni bongbong ti nangpapatay kenni chua. sori manen kailokuan, nalipatak san ti ilokano.
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barangay 1
3/5/2005 1:22:00 PM
Daytoy man ti sungbat Gov. Bongbong,diay kunkuna ni Mykel Farinyas nga "demolision job of a powerful political clan"(saan sa met a pudno)

Mabasa dita

BBM: allegation vs MVF not politically motivated

Finally breaking his silence on the killing of Laoag City Vice Mayor Jimmy O. Chua,Ilocos Norte Governor Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said Laoag City Mayor Michael V. Fariñas’ reaction to the statement of Laoag City Councilor Modesto Melvin M. dela Cuesta implicating him in the killing of Chua that it was politically motivated is merely a legal defense maneuver.

Stressing that the investigation being conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was only following the evidence and there is no way for anyone to manipulate the evidence to benefit whoever that may want to politically.

“The mayor has to answer something. Parang wala naman yatang koneksiyon ‘yung sinasabing (I don’t think it has any connection with what he’s saying that) it was politically motivated. I don’t think anyone believes that. The investigation of the NBI only follows the evidence. So there is no way to manipulate the evidence in a way that it will be politically useful for anybody in the province,” Marcos said during his regular press briefing held on March 2 at the Provincial Capitol.

The governor went on to say that he sees the “politically motivated” angle as their “legal argument that they will make in his defense.”

Marcos also scored Fariñas for saying that powerful local politicians are behind the allegation that he shot Chua.

“I do not know whom he is referring to or what he is referring to. But my reaction is that you will have to answer the evidence, you answer the charge,” Marcos said, adding, “What we are doing here in the province is to get to the truth.”

Marcos’ motivation

His motivation, he said, was to get to the truth and find out what really happened on February 2.

“Ang trabaho naming mga opisyal sa probinsya (Our job as provincial officials) is to get to the truth: what happened that night. That is all what we are looking for. That is all what motivates me—to find out what happened. And to bring justice to the vice mayor,” Marcos declared.


Marcos underscored the fact that the investigating agency in charge of the Chua case, which is the NBI, came to the conclusion because of the evidence they gathered at the crime scene and the result of the re-autopsy done on the late vice mayor, furthermore Dela Cuesta’s affidavit jibed with what their forensic agents found.

Preventive suspension

The governor also clarified that should Fariñas be charged by the NBI for the killing of Chua, he will be forced by law to suspend the city mayor.

“Has he been charged by the NBI? Not yet. So is he suspended? He will be if he’s charged. That’s the law. Kaya nga may tinanatawag na (That’s why there is a) preventive suspension,” Marcos explained.

He added that to avoid undue influence if Fariñas is charged by the NBI, the mayor should voluntarily take a leave of absence from his post.

“As a matter of fact, if and when he is charged, the mayor, himself, should take a leave of absence to make things very transparent and to make things clear,” Marcos said.

LC PNP chief’s relief

With the speculations that he was behind the relief of former Laoag City Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Joel D. Pagdilao, Marcos said he cannot order the relief of any PNP personnel by himself.

The decision to relieve Pagdilao, according to Marcos, was agreed upon by Regional PNP chief Claudio C. Cabreros, Provincial PNP chief Juan G. Luna and himself as they came to the conclusion that the Laoag City PNP’s investigation of the Chua killing was in contrast to the forensic and physical evidences gathered by the NBI.

Marcos went on to say that the decision to relieve Pagdilao was especially hard for him and his family saying the former city PNP chief was “one of us.”

However, he explained that his hands had been tied by the law and he must implement what it calls for.

Fariñas remains silent

Aside from his public statement issued on February 25, Fariñas had opted not to comment any further on his implication in Chua’s death.

In his February 25 statement, Fariñas said the allegation was politically motivated and that several b powerful Ilocos Norte politicians had joined forces to do a “demolition job” on him.

Killings’ effect on provincial tourism

Meanwhile, Marcos also admitted that the high profile killings in the province had affected the local tourism industry as foreign and domestic tourists had shied away from the province choosing to go to other tourist destinations due to the province’s “wild, wild west image.”

“While I was in Manila, naririnig ko yung mga radio, sinasabi ‘Governor, ano na ba itong nangyayari sa inyo, wild, wild west na yata diyan,’ ganun ang mga sinasabi. So, ganun talaga ang tingin sa atin. You know, having two mayors killed last year, now we have a vice mayor; ano na ngayon halimbawa ikaw na taga labas ano ngayon iisipin mo? ‘Yung mga Ilocano walang ginawa kundi magpatayan, walang kontrol dun.’ Ganun ang iisipin nila (While I was in Manila, I heard over the radio a comment that said ‘Governor, what’s happening in your place, it seems to have become the wild, wild, west,’ that’s what they were saying. And they really look upon us like that. After two mayors being killed last year, and now comes the death of a vice mayor, what would you think if you’re not from Ilocos Norte? ‘Those Ilocanos have nothing else to do but kill each other, everyone seems to have lost control over there.’ That’s what they are thinking),” Marcos explained.

To solve this problem, Marcos said these high profile crimes must be immediately resolved so prospective visitors will no longer fear going to the province.

MICHAEL T. ESMINO (With a report from Leilanie G. Adriano)
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the plot thickens
3/7/2005 12:35:00 AM
no kasta ni bbm didiay behind ni melbin???
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3/7/2005 12:52:00 AM
anamet datoy ngna bobernor ti ilocos ta tangalog met sao na??? dayta met laglag nga ilocos times diay tangalog nga sao ni bong bong ket apan da met pay la itranslate ti english! pagbal-balinen da nga illiterate dagiti readers da!
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log log
3/8/2005 8:15:00 PM
laglag wenno dagmel?
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3/8/2005 9:33:00 PM
Awan sa met nagyan nga utek ta ulom MASURON ta tila-adda met nga mabang-bangaw-ngaw mo. Agtagalog ni Bong2 ta saan na ammo ti agi-lokano ken Di kalang met ag-sid-duker nga mangibaga nga laglag ta ilocos times'en. Di mo kad ammo nga ta ilocos times ket international dayta tung-ngang!!!
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barangay 1
3/8/2005 10:12:00 PM
relaks kayo laeng kadi,dakay met, agkakailian tayo.
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3/8/2005 10:21:00 PM
international my ass! pagil ilo lang deta dita baryo uno! awan nga payso panangpateg na ti ilokano dayta gobirnador yo mamin-ano met la nga agsursuro koma ta adda met ditan ilocos sen ngem awan dina kayat dina ammu! pwe!

anian ti latest dita panang-paltoog ni matkil kin ni tsuwa?
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3/9/2005 2:48:00 PM
naka-saritak tay maysa nga janitor dita egel's nest nga naka-imatang ti marder ni chua. maysa isu kadagiti timulong nga nangdalus ti dara-dara nga lamisaan ken sahig dita nga bar.

awan ti tyempok ita. ikabil kuntu ita ti nagsaritaan mi.

urayen yu latta gagayyem ko ida...
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3/9/2005 6:56:00 PM
dapat agusar da ti luminol tapno maamuanda no sadinno ti talaga ti nakaaramidan ti krimen.Tiny particles of blood will cling to most surfaces for years and years, without anyone ever knowing they're there. The basic idea of luminol is to reveal these traces with a light-producing chemical reaction between several chemicals and hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying protein in the blood
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barangay 1
3/9/2005 7:51:00 PM
kimist ka kadi ani? dim baybayagen nga ipan dayta latest nga impormsion,maipanggep ti pammapatay ni VICE MAYOR JIMMY O CHUA,latest, tapno mammuan mi met.
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3/9/2005 7:57:00 PM
napalalwam mit ti nagbuya ti The New Detectives kin FBI Files dita Discovery Channel sika nga losngi nga ANI. anya ngarud nga kimikal toy kapsit ko?
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3/9/2005 9:48:00 PM

mitir ta kapsit mo ket HCl.
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3/9/2005 10:06:00 PM
ipugsit ko kinta ngangam kayat mo?
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3/9/2005 10:32:00 PM
sika mit mitir pikon ka mit yong.
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3/11/2005 9:07:00 AM
NBI files murder raps vs Laoag mayor over slain vice mayor

Posted 12:50pm (Mla time) Mar 11, 2005
By Margaux Ortiz
GMA7, Inquirer News Service

Get INQ7 breaking news on your Smart mobile phone in the Philippines. Send INQ7 BREAKING to 386.

(UPDATE) THE NATIONAL Bureau of Investigation (NBI) filed murder charges on Friday against Laoag City Mayor Michael Fariñas at the Department of Justice (DoJ) for allegedly killing his vice mayor in February.
The NBI also filed dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice charges against Laoag chief of police Superintendent Joel Pagdilao, his subordinates Inspector Teddy Rosqueta and Senior Police Officer 3 Arthur Mateo, and Councilor Melvin dela Cuesta for reportedly "covering up" Jimmy Chua's murder inside a restaurant in Laoag City.

Charges of obstruction of justice were also filed against restaurant employees Jun Olidan, Lilian Lorenzo, Analyn Pascual, Michelle Agustin, and Beth Bordey, and EC Fariñas Caltex Station cashier Gladys Madamba.

Chua’s son, Edison, is also a complainant, a separate report on GMA Network radio station dzBB said earlier Friday.

The NBI said in the same report that it had a strong case against the mayor based on a testimony of Dela Cuesta.

Fariñas maintains he is innocent. He said Dela Cuesta’s statement was part of a “demolition job” against him by a “powerful political clan” in the Ilocos region, which he did not name
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atty no-case
3/16/2005 8:24:00 PM
huwat new na ngayen ditoy na case
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3/18/2005 4:01:00 AM
ket insango da kan ni melbin ken justice sec gonzales ket dinamag kano ni gonzales no agpayso nga ni maykel ti nangpaltog kenni sua ket nagkutokot kan tay tumengna ni melbin sa nag ngata ngata kano. laglag daytoy nga melbin. innala na laeng diay 5 nga milyon nga inted ti chinese chamber ti laoag tapno itudona ni maykel. no makasapul ka ti kuarta nga kas ken melbin, pati ni tatangmo itudom nga nangpapatay ken bise no ikkan da ka ti lima nga milyon. kakaasi latta ti kararwa ni jimmy piman. baka ti sumaruno nga itudo ni melbin ket ni marlon manuel. at the right price, kuna ti kaabay ko!
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3/18/2005 4:27:00 PM
ni Mitir ti hit man.
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3/19/2005 10:07:00 PM
malas ni chavit ken ni mike arroyo isu nga naabak ni pakyaw. adu unay pabigat na nga simmorot isu nga nadisgrasya.
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3/19/2005 10:11:00 PM
maysa nga bula, tallog nga takong kin sangadosina nga buryas ti atiw ko lolosngi, pwi! mannagapit ni Angkol AI.

Angkol AI!!!!!!!!!!! bayadam dagitoy atiw ko!!!! pwi!
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3/20/2005 6:38:00 AM
'su nga diak nagpusta ken pacquiao ta ammok nga laspagen ni Mexicano. lastog met ngamin ni Fuckyaw ta ibaga na nga isaruno na amin ida. nadaras ti kimmita $500, sheyt!
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4/16/2005 5:08:00 PM
Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fariñas murder rap to undergo
preliminary probe on April 25

By Leilanie G. Adriano, Northern Luzon Bureau

LAOAG CITY: Government lawyers have finally scheduled the preliminary investigation of Mayor Michael V. Fariñas of this City for the murder of Vice Mayor Jimmy O. Chua on February 2.

Sources from the Department of Justice said the first preliminary investigation of the murder case will be held on April 25 at the department’s multipurpose hall in Manila.

The preliminary investigation was delayed, the source said, because the papers of the case allegedly disappeared for two weeks.

The papers, containing the hearing schedule, were prepared two weeks ago and was ready to be approved and signed by Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez.

The National Bureau of Investigation filed murder charges on March 11 after Councilor Melvin dela Cuesta of Laoag City tagged the mayor as the one who shot Chua at the Fariñas-owned Eagle’s Nest bar and restaurant here before dawn of February 2.

But Fariñas said the evidence against him was “very weak” and that the case would not stand in court.

Fariñas noted that dela Cuesta had earlier testified that Chua was killed in front of the restaurant by one of two motorcycle-riding men and even identified the gunman as a certain “Steve.”

But a powerful political clan in Ilocos Norte, Farinas claimed, pressured dela Cuesta to tag him as the one who killed Chua.

In his first statement, dela Cuesta said he saw the face of the gunman. His description of the gunman was used as a basis by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group to make a sketch of the suspect’s face.

Dela Cuesta told investigators that around 3 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. on February 1, he was in the toilet of the restaurant when he heard a single gunshot from outside the bar.

He rushed out to check the source of the gunshot and he claimed to have found Chua’s body sprawled on the pavement as two men on a motorcycle were fleeing the scene of the crime.

Police had subjected dela Cuesta to a paraffin test to determine if he fired a gun on the day of the killing. The result was negative.

Chua and dela Cuesta were at the bar to meet with Fariñas and Supt. Joel Pagdilao, police chief of Laoag City. Fariñas and Pagdilao told investigators they left Chua and dela Cuesta at the bar around midnight of January 31, or some three hours before the vice mayor was killed

Contrary to dela Cuesta’s first testimony, the NBI coroners said the slain vice mayor was hit with a blunt object and strangled before he was shot in the head.

According to an autopsy conducted by NBI coroners on February 16, or 10 days after he was buried at the Laoag City Cemetery, Chua’s body bore evidence of trauma at the back of the head, four relatively large bullet fragments and a number of pellets scattered all over the victim’s brain.

The NBI coroners theorized the vice mayor was first hit on the head and strangled besides being shot once in his right temple.

The NBI team was led by the doctors Ludivino Lagat and Alicia Liberato, and Lito Basilio.

According to Lagat, Chua was shot with a “special” gun using a “special” double-action bullet. He, however, did not disclose the results of the ballistic test pending further investigation.

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4/25/2005 4:51:00 PM
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4/25/2005 8:05:00 PM
nagkas-angen awan garuden a ti papanan nan deta nga kaso no di maabswelto dagiti kriminal
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4/26/2005 4:00:00 AM

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4/26/2005 6:06:00 AM
imbagak pay la idi 2/2/05 nga pinatay da farinas ken dela cuesta the case is closed. adda conaybans dagitoy dua, ngamin nasigsiglat ni apo chua iti politica ngem isuda. ti motibo is to stop chua to become the next mayor of laog. nasukalan na ti anumalya da mayor farinas ken # 1 consehal ni dela cuesta. simple nga detective perspective laeng daytoy apo
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manila times
4/26/2005 1:07:00 PM
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

CA junks detention rap against Fariñas

By Jomar Canlas, Reporter and Leilanie G. Adriano, Northern Luzon Bureau

THE Court of Appeals on Tuesday dismissed the criminal charges lodged against former governor Rodolfo Fariñas of Ilocos Norte by three aides who claimed the former governor locked them up in a room in 1989 and tried to force them to admit that they were having sexual orgies with his late wife.

The court issued the decision as the Ilocos Norte police assured the court that they would continue to protect Councilor Melvin M. de la Cuesta of Laoag City although the councilor had recanted his claim that Mayor Michael Fariñas, the former governor’s nephew, killed Vice Mayor Jimmy Chua on February 2.

In a 20-page decision, the court reversed its September 2004 decision of the lower court that found Fariñas guilty of arbitrarily detaining his bodyguards.

The case arose from the complaint filed by Fariñas’ former security officers, Juan Dionislo Bona Jr., Col. Pedro Hufano, Navy Capt. Mario Dolores, who claimed to have been detained by Fariñas in a room and were allegedly forced to admit that Hufano and Dolores had a sexual relationship with his late wife, Maria Theresa Carlson.

The appellate court found no proof beyond reasonable doubt that Fariñas committed the crime and gave no weight to the testimony of the complainants.

“The basis of acquittal in this case is reasonable doubt. It simply means that the evidence of the prosecution was not sufficient to sustain and prove the alleged guilt of the accused with moral certainty or beyond reasonable doubt,” the ruling read.

The alleged detention case happened in April 1989.

In Laoag City, Supt. Juan Luna, the Ilocos Norte provincial police chief, said the police will continue to provide two policemen to guard de la Cuesta, who said he received death threats after claiming that Mayor Fariñas killed the vice mayor.

s“It is still our responsibility to provide [de la Cuesta] security because whenever he comes to our office, he always complains receiving threats to his life,” Luna said.

During a preliminary investigation hearing on April 25, de la Cuesta opted to swear only to the veracity of his fifth affidavit and said he only drafted his fourth affidavit because he was pressured by NBI agents to tag Fariñas as the one who killed Chua at the Eagle’s nest bar and restaurant in Barangay Salet in Laoag City.

De la Cuesta claimed that the NBI agents vowed not to include him in the homicide case if he signs the fourth affidavit. The NBI also promised to finance his family’s transfer abroad, but the promises were not fulfilled.

In his first three statements, de la Cuesta said two motorcycle riding armed men killed the vice mayor early dawn of February 2.

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4/26/2005 5:01:00 PM
ni met rudy deta balita dita ngato tapos ti diniskas nan ket ni maykel? ahahaha! anat nakibiangan ti kaso ni rudy dita kaso ni nepiu na nga maykel?
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manila times
4/26/2005 5:40:00 PM
memesa nga news item deta!
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the manila times
4/27/2005 5:29:00 PM
Thursday, April 28, 2005

Marcos: NBI did not pressure
witness in Chua slay

By Leilanie G. Adriano, Northern Luzon Bureau

LAOAG CITY: The key witness in the February 2 killing of Vice Mayor Jimmy Chua of Laoag was not pressured by the National Bureau of Investigation to sign a false affidavit, Gov. Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. of Ilocos Norte said on Wednesday.

The governor defended the NBI after Councilor Melvin dela Cuesta signed a fifth affidavit recanting the one he signed when he was in the protective custody of the bureau.

In the affidavit, dela Cuesta claimed that it was Mayor Michael V. Fariñas who “accidentally” shot Chua before dawn of February 2 at the Eagle’s Nest bar and restaurant here.

Marcos strongly denounced there must be someone or something that forces the city councilor not to say anything.

“I think [dela Cuesta] was forced to say the things he had said because when he was at the NBI, nobody ever tried to stop him. He could leave whenever he wanted. He even asked for security from the provincial and regional police director because he wanted policemen guarding him there,” Marcos said.

Macros said during the dela Cuesta’s stay at the NBI, there were several occasions when he would move out of the office for a day or two and NBI employees never restricted him.

“That means, he was not under lock and key and he was not being forced to go to the NBI. He could have left anytime he wanted. So it’s a wonder that he would now say that the NBI pressured him. That makes me conclude that somebody or someone or something is pressuring him not to tell the truth,” Marcos said in an interview.

Now that dela Cuesta has recanted his earlier sworn statement, Marcos said the Department of Justice will restudy the investigation based on physical evidence and testimony from several other witnesses.

“He is not the only witness. There are still others but he was the first to come out because he was the one who was there at the time of the crime so he should come out and say what really happened,” Marcos said.

sapay ni bongbong ti spokesman ti nbi? saan kad nga gobernadoren?
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4/28/2005 4:01:00 PM
sa met tay ibagbaga ni maykel nga adda political clan nga napigsa ti norte nga behind ti pinangibaga ni melvin nga ni maykel ti nangpaltog ken chua. ita rimuaren. sapay apo nga ni bonbong ti mang defender ti nbi? sinno ngarud ti nangpilit ken melvin? dakayo ti mangsungbat deytoy, apo.
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4/28/2005 5:59:00 PM
of course Marcos....
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4/29/2005 8:03:00 PM
daytan to kit ngamin ti yotninana nga maararamid, pwi! siak to ti mapan agrisidinti dita Norti ton malakok amin dagitoy baboy ko ta siak ti mapan agkandidato nga Gobirnador, Miyor kin Konggrisman ti amin nga distrito ti Norti tapno agtalna dagita lolosngi ditan, pwi!
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5/15/2005 10:13:00 PM
malipatan manen daytuy nga kaso. awan manen awan latta.
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5/16/2005 1:45:00 AM
nalpas ti kason ta ni Milbin kit ag-salsalawasaw ag-baliwbaliw ti panunut na isu ag-bagtit-ten. d kis is klos
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5/16/2005 1:59:00 AM
dapat i kaso da mit garod ti pirjury ayta nga milbin ah! winno obstracsion ob jastiis!
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5/16/2005 2:19:00 AM
nalpas kaso ni milbin nasintinsya-an payin maibalud diay mintal hospital ti 298 yirs 2mants 8diys 3oras 1minotos kin 3sigundo
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ilocos sometimes
5/16/2005 5:39:00 AM
Dela Cuesta: I did not recant
Camp mulls filing of charges vs NBI

Embattled Laoag City Councilor Modesto Melvin M. dela Cuesta clarified that he did not recant his testimony contrary to the news item that appeared on The Ilocos Times’ last issue.

According to Dela Cuesta he merely corrected erroneous facts in his affidavit as said the word “accidental” was omitted in his fourth affidavit.

Dela Cuesta, who attended the Laoag City Sangguniang Panlungsod’s regular session on May 4, asked again for public understanding on his newest affidavit which he said is the result of his current risky situation.

Meanwhile, Dela Cuesta lawyer, Atty. Marlene Damasen, accompanied the embattled councilor in the session.

Damasen reiterated that Dela Cuesta had been pressured and harassed by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to sign his fourth affidavit implicating Laoag City Mayor Michael V. Fariñas to the killing of the late Laoag City Vice Mayor Jimmy O. Chua.

In view of this, Damasen said they are planning to file charges against the NBI.

Damasen also scored observations that Dela Cuesta’s credibility had been severely damaged by his changing affidavits as she said if they find her client’s credibility questionable then they better find another witness.

In his fifth affidavit, Dela Cuesta said he was forced by the NBI to sign his fourth affidavit, which he claimed he did not execute. This affidavit implicated Fariñas to the Chua killing.

He also hit the NBI for unfulfilled promises made to him including the sending of his family abroad and his non-inclusion in the charge sheet.

Dela Cuesta was included in the charge sheet for obstruction of justice forwarded by the NBI to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Meanwhile, The Ilocos Times sources said the lawyers of the Chua family are planning to file perjury charges against Dela Cuesta for lying under oath about the incident.

They also will still charge Dela Cuesta with obstruction of justice along with the other respondents.

In a related development, Dela Cuesta also stressed that the calls for his resignation as a member of the council as a result of this fiasco is not relevant since his official functions as a councilor is not related with the case.

Dominic B. dela Cruz

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5/16/2005 5:44:00 PM
awanin atan nga kason no casta mittin
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5/16/2005 6:28:00 PM
dayta ket abogado ni melbinen. sapay nga impalubos na nga nagpirma ni melbin ti apidibit nga dina inaramid? nakuartaan met ngata? talaga nga awan pagmamayan ti pilipinas no pati ipagarup tay nga natatakneng nga tattao ket ilako na ti dayaw na. kas tay kuna ni hay - di kase is closed!
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5/17/2005 8:33:00 AM
Hay biag nga talaga,awan latta ti nasayaat nga pagbanagan,dagiti babaknang isu da latta ti mangat-atiw,saan la nga mangatiw mangirurumin da pay kadagiti pada a marigrigat.
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5/17/2005 4:54:00 PM
Ilocos Norte folk alarmed
at worsening drug problem

By Leilanie G. Adriano, Northern Luzon Bureau

LAOAG CITY: Alarmed at the increasing number of drug cases in the city, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan summoned the police chiefs of the province’s 22 towns and this city to a public hearing aimed at developing a master plan against drug addiction in the province.

Through its committee on peace and order, the council will summon the 23 police chiefs after it received during its regular session on Monday a formal complaint from former mayor Pacifico Velasco of Bacarra decrying the proliferation of illegal drug in his hometown.

Velasco requested Board Member Renato Peralta, in his capacity as chair of the committee on peace and order, to initiate a public hearing on the issue and sit down with police officials to strengthen their campaign against illegal drugs.

The Sanggunian is geared to conduct a public hearing with the concerned police authorities, including Senior Supt. Juan Luna, the Ilocos Norte provincial police director.

Luna, for his part, assured residents that the police would step up their campaign against illegal drugs.

To date, he said the police are conducting surveillance on suspected big-time drug pushers in the area, but Luna declined to disclose the specific area of operation.

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5/17/2005 8:41:00 PM
mamati nga saan nga agus-usar dagiti nangangato nga opisyal ti probinsya. kitaenyo la dagiti gegeyyem dan. panay users. birds of the same feather.......kayatyo aginaganak?
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5/17/2005 8:45:00 PM
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5/17/2005 10:08:00 PM
Dumeldelikado ti sitwasyon ti Ilocos Norte drugs pinag-papatay. awan sa met maar-arimidan dagitay polis ta isudamet ti pangulo ti linalanggong pwera d los buenos.pati dagitay litsi nga agtuturay. Awan sa pay pag-lawlawagan daydi pan-nakapapatay ti mayor Vintar, Marcos ken Mariano. awan lat ammokon nga pannakasurbar kenni Chua'n. Inutil ti sistima tayo. isu nga no dadduma damdamagek ti bagik. "am i proud to be a Filipino"? diak pay ket masungbatan dayta nga saludsod kon? annak ti salbag.
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kaanakan ti salbag
5/18/2005 12:44:00 AM
excalibur. daytoy koma ti saludsud mo ti bagim. AM I PROUD TO BE FROM ILOCOS NORTE? amin dagitoy ket ag reflect ti leadership ti probinsya tayo. datay met la ti kastoy. adda kad makitam ta cagayan ken ilocos sur (malaksid dagitay kagurgura ni chavit) nga kasta?pumanawak sa ti norten.pwi pwi pwi salbag nga talaga daytoy nga biag ditoy.
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5/18/2005 1:19:00 AM
nia ngay ararameden ni bongbong marcos?
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5/18/2005 4:52:00 AM
Nagasayaat ti biagda,uray no ania kunkuna tayo,babaknangda isuda ti turayen.Agakatkatawada laeng kadagiti ibagbaga tayo,ngem inton umay ti iliksion mangabakda met,ania ngata ti problema aya.
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5/18/2005 5:47:00 PM
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5/18/2005 5:57:00 PM
agpayso dayta, apo kagat! no laglag met dagita kakabsat nga taga Norte ipalobos da nga loklokuen ida dagita hilaw nga Marcos nga dina ammot agsao ti Ilocano! podno uusaren da lang ti tatao tapno agbacnang kin agsicat da ngem iti private nga endeavor kit awan!
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5/18/2005 7:14:00 PM
kayo aya it life style dagiti ag Marcos. Botosan dagiti umili dagita nga ubbing ni Macoy ta nasayaat ti panagpuspusoda kadagiti marigrigat dita Norte. Dakayo nga agsasao ket adda iti sabali nga ili siguro. Agtalna kayo man ta dikayto ket magusingan/matuppulan, sheyt!
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5/18/2005 8:05:00 PM

Ni Apay ngata. Loyalistan sa dayta adda ta ngatok. Sheyt!!
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5/18/2005 8:07:00 PM
yot apay mar marcos metten ti sareta yon?

yot ketno tay pannakapaltuug ni chua ti saretaan koma ket!
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5/19/2005 12:46:00 AM
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5/19/2005 3:38:00 AM
dagita politicos yo dita Ilocos Norte, nalalastogda.
adda pay naipadamag nga mayor dita Badoc nga pinatorongan na ti paltog ta bise mayorna. ania met nga mayor dayta nga klase, nagawan nga modo nan!
ngem isu ti napili ti Rimat magasin naminsan nga impan dita akkubda! pagwadan nga kona ti Rimat...pumaltog gayam! di lallalo no pangkaraniwang nga tao ta kasangsangonan, tinatekna sigoron!
ania ti makonam apo Tomas?
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5/19/2005 5:02:00 AM
sau kayo a sau,ngim adda kayo mit dita ballasiw taaw,agawid kayo ditoy norti ta ditoy kayo nga umay agsao.ania kayon kin mangibaga iti umili dagita nga kapanunutanyo.
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5/19/2005 9:43:00 AM
kirab ken kagat makapleng kayo met, apay nga ibugkaw yo no agsao kayo?
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5/19/2005 3:45:00 PM
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5/20/2005 9:09:00 AM
Napapangas dagitay taga Norte!!!!!!!!
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5/20/2005 9:39:00 AM
peman, kasano ket no umay da agsao dita ket patayen da met isuda. kasla daydi Dios ti alluad na a jimmy chua, pinatay da farinas ken delacuesta ta saan da a kayat ti nasao na.
kagat, agyamanak unay ......
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5/20/2005 9:48:00 AM
apay isuda lat mayat garud,no maituredda a ket di iturtured tayo met ngem masapul nga umaykayo ditoy norti,ta ditoy tayo nga ibaga,isaganayo met tay kuan a ta no ania ti kua bilang kit di uray makitabla laing no kasapulan.
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ilocos sometimes
6/1/2005 7:29:00 PM
May 29, 2005

Jimmy Chua case update
Administrative Charges filed against Pagdilao, Rosqueta, and Mateo
La Union - An administrative complaint was filed by a Chua family member, May 24, at the NAPOLCOM (National Police Commission) against police officials, P/Supt Joel D. Pagdilao, P/Insp Teddy Rosqueta, and SPO3 Arthur Mateo for MISCONDUCT in the performance of their official duties amounting to mal-administration and the willful, intentional neglect and failure to discharge the duties of their office, Falsification of Official Documents, Dishonesty, Neglect of Duty, and Conduct Prejudicial to the best interest of the service.

According to the document filed, the complaint was specifically directed against P/Supt Joel D. Pagdilao, Chief of Police, Laoag City, at the time of the assassination of the late Vice-mayor Jimmy Chua (since then relieved from his post), for covering up the crime and making it appear that the late Vice-mayor was killed outside the restaurant by alleged motorcycle riding gunmen. However the physical evidence recovered by the NBI points that the crime happened inside the Eagle's Nest Bar and Restaurant.

Further, the document states that "the confession of Councilor Melvin Dela Cuesta before the NBI confirms that Superintendent Pagdilao concocted the cover-up story to protect Laoag City Mayor Michael Fariñas, altered the crime scene to conform to the cover-up scenario, and manufactured the evidence to make it appear that a gun-for-hire killed my brother instead of Mayor Fariñas." It is also a matter of public record that this statement of Melvin dela Cuesta was reiterated on broadcast media via his press conference and interviews.

Also the document states, as against P/Insp Teddy Rosqueta and SPO3 Arthur Mateo, their inclusion in the complaint stems from their participation in the cover-up scenario by the propagation of the gun-for-hire story by means of the investigation reports they submitted pertaining to the case.

Informed sources revealed that a copy of the administrative complaint was given directly to DILG Secretary Angelo Reyes. The NAPOLCOM is under administrative control of the DILG.

The accused police officials are given the opportunity to respond to the complaint after which the NAPOLCOM will determine the merits of the case. If the complaint is found meritorious, the aforementioned police officers will be automatically suspended for the duration of the hearings.

If proven guilty of these charges, the beleaguered police officers face removal from the service and the consequent forfeiture of all benefits, including retirement and pensions.

Earlier, these same police officers were charged with obstruction of justice by the NBI and subsequently the case was filed at the DOJ. The preliminary investigation of these charges is ongoing.

Informed sources have revealed that another administrative complaint will also be filed against PO3 Jonathan Pasamonte, anytime this week.

Steve T. Barreiro

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6/1/2005 11:08:00 PM
wahapen? awan darum kontra kinda parinyas kin milbin???
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6/22/2005 8:04:00 AM
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9/11/2005 5:58:00 PM
apay ta nalaus unay ti panangtagibassityo kadagita polis dita laoag apay dakayo nga agkomkomentaryo ania kad met nasayaat nga impaaymo dita lugaryo no sika ti adda ti posisyon ania kad met ti aramidem baka karkaro ka pay,agtitinnudo,no talaga nga concernka aramidem lattan ti pagsayaatanna dika agpabasol
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9/30/2005 8:07:00 AM
niy pinatay mit ti inpii didiay nagpaltoog kano kinni chua??? payso ngata nga datoy ti nagpatay idi?

Communist rebels shoot dead alleged hired gun

First posted 04:40pm (Mla time) Sept 30, 2005
Associated Press

SAN FERNANDO--Communist rebels seized a man suspected of killing a journalist and a vice mayor, shooting him dead in front of family members and neighbors in a northern Philippine town, police said Friday.

Arnel Yadao, an alleged hired gun, was taken at gunpoint from his home in Sinait town in Ilocos Sur province, about 410 kilometers (256 miles) north of Manila, by the New People's Army guerrillas, police said.

He was led to a hill and shot by one of the rebels late Thursday as several members of his family and neighbors watched nearby, police said.

Yadao was a suspect in the killings of Laoag City Vice Mayor Jimmy Chua in February and radio broadcaster Roger Mariano in August 2004, both known as crusaders against illegal gambling.

The rebels were known to be sympathetic to Chua.

The rebels are on U.S. and European Union lists of terrorist organizations. They have suspended talks with the government on ending their 36-year insurgency, saying Manila hasn't done enough to get them off the lists.

They recently vowed to intensify attacks to hasten the downfall of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who has been grappling with a crisis triggered by vote-rigging allegations that emerged in June.
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10/25/2005 7:41:00 PM
Ke'? Nyat nagbanagannan? 'usto ngata nga NPA wenno diversion lang deta?
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10/26/2005 1:21:00 PM
dibersion dayta tapno maiyadayo ti pudno nga pimmatay ken ni jimmy chua.
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10/26/2005 4:23:00 PM
garud, addattan ni milbin a kasla aso a kumawkawiwitin iti likudan ni amongna, pwe!
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10/26/2005 7:26:00 PM
awanin "unsolved case" man datoyin nga krimen pwi!
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11/5/2005 3:50:00 AM
dakayo nga pusher isardengyon no diyo kayat ti matay nangruna dita badoc napu ilocos norte???????
  Top   |  Bottom

11/5/2005 3:58:00 AM
pangaasiyo apo adon ti naperdi nga ubbing maipanggep ti panagusar ti droga nga shabu no kayatyo pay ti agbiag ti natalna ammo mi amin ida apo nga agtuturay dita ili ti badoc agraman ta barangay napu mabusag a ken agraman b ken amin nga barangay na pls no diyo kayat ti malikida isardengyo????????????????
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11/5/2005 4:03:00 AM
apay ngay a shabu mit ti tungtungan idtoyin? awan kad nga talagan deta kaso ni chua
  Top   |  Bottom

11/5/2005 4:14:00 AM
apo tomas kitam ta arubayam
  Top   |  Bottom

11/5/2005 4:22:00 AM
kakaasi ngamin kayat ko lang nga maibaga ta nakakaasi dagitoy agtutubo ken kasta met dagitoy nagannak nga mangisakad ti panagbiag wen ngarud di met ngamin dagitay mayor nga kimat ti madi matay ni apo dios laengen ti maka ammo????????????
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11/5/2005 4:22:00 AM
kakaasi ngamin kayat ko lang nga maibaga ta nakakaasi dagitoy agtutubo ken kasta met dagitoy nagannak nga mangisakad ti panagbiag wen ngarud di met ngamin dagitay mayor nga kimat ti madi matay ni apo dios laengen ti maka ammo????????????
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11/5/2005 4:22:00 AM
kakaasi ngamin kayat ko lang nga maibaga ta nakakaasi dagitoy agtutubo ken kasta met dagitoy nagannak nga mangisakad ti panagbiag wen ngarud di met ngamin dagitay mayor nga kimat ti madi matay ni apo dios laengen ti maka ammo????????????
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11/5/2005 5:21:00 AM
Apay ania iti isamsampitawmon? Droga metten. Maysaka met nga mangiyaw-awan. Ayannan tay krimen nga pagtutungtongantayon?
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11/5/2005 12:54:00 PM
garod, idiay koma panait ti taga-Badoc ti mapanyo pangitawtawtawan dagita ibagbagayo, lolosngi!
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forty five years old
11/7/2005 12:57:00 AM
wen apo
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